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Employee Spotlight: Dave Pollot

Software engineering and painting are two disciplines that don’t typically go hand in hand, but lucky for Brand Networks, Dave Pollot is anything but your typical engineer. A full-fledged Instagram star, … Read More

Social Media Is Showing Us The Future Of TV

Reposted from Social Media Insider What do you see when you scan the brains of 300 TV viewers watching their favorite shows? According to the leading expert on TV ratings, the … Read More

Programmatic Ad Buying on TV is Only Half of The Game

Digiday defines programmatic TV advertising as, “the data-driven automation of audience-based advertising transactions. It inverts the industry standard, in which marketers rely on show ratings to determine desirable audiences for their … Read More

How Does Facebook oCPM Bidding Work?

On Facebook, advertisers are provided with 4 bid types, perhaps the least understood of which is oCPM. oCPM, or Optimized “cost per mille” (cost per 1,000 impressions), is Facebook’s most versatile bid … Read More