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How Does Facebook oCPM Bidding Work?

On Facebook, advertisers are provided with 4 bid types, perhaps the least understood of which is oCPM. oCPM, or Optimized “cost per mille” (cost per 1,000 impressions), is Facebook’s most versatile bid … Read More

LinkedIn Joins Ad Network Race

Originally published in MediaPost They say a goldfish will grow as large as the body of water it occupies allows. Social media data is no different. Though powerful when put to … Read More

Using Cinemagraphs in Social Media Marketing

There has been a lot of speculation around the evolution of autoplay visuals on Facebook and Instagram. One of the most highly anticipated additions to marketers’ arsenal is the cinemagraph. Read More

Brand Networks is Now a Facebook Marketing Partner

Today, Facebook® officially unveiled their new Facebook Marketing Partners program. Under the new program guidelines, Brand Networks is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with the following specialties: Ad Technology (Self-Serve Ad Platform) … Read More

Getting Your Tweets To Index in Google’s Search Results

Search and social just became even more intertwined. During their Q4 earnings call, Twitter confirmed that Google would again start surfacing results from their firehose of data. The reintroduction of Tweets into search … Read More

Social Media Could Have Saved RadioShack

Republished from MediaPost I always get a bit nostalgic whenever an iconic American business succumbs to bankruptcy.  RadioShack’s recent announcement of its Chapter 11 status was even more personal and … Read More

50 Social Stats Every Marketer Needs to Know [UPDATED Q4 2014]

Here at Brand Networks we believe knowledge is power. While the sea of information out there is vast, to say the least, we've compiled 50 social stats that we think every marketer should know.    Facebook   1. Facebook has 802 million daily active users on average 2. That’s 71% of all internet users 3. 609 million of Facebook’s daily active users come from mobile devices 4. As for monthly active users, Facebook has 1.28 billion 5. Of which, 1.01 billion come from mobile 6. A vast majority (81.2%) of those users  of are outside the U.S. and Canada 7. With 390 million monthly a Read More

Using Social Media to Combat Webrooming

As consumers become more informed shoppers, retailers must look beyond convincing their audiences to buy a product or service. Rather, they have to convince them to buy that product or service from … Read More