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3 Signs Digital Marketing is Facing a Social Tsunami

These days, the term "social network" almost feels campy. Consumers are using the social web for everything from ordering pizza to deciding how to vote to finding a place to live. We don’t just log in to “network” with people anymore. ... Read More

Four Techniques For Boosting Social Ad Performance

Relevance is becoming the key factor for success in social advertising. As consumers are increasingly aware of ads on social platforms, only the most relevant and personalized content can catch their eyes and drive awareness, engagement, ... Read More

What Pinterest Has That No Other Platform Offers: Future-Planning Consumers

When I was starting my career in marketing, I cut my teeth on the agency side, not in the world of marketing technology I live in now. To start a project, the creative directors I worked with were fond of “mood-boarding,” which meant assembling a set of images and pieces of text that felt appropriately thematic... Read More